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Introduction Bulgaria and Citizenship by Investment

Bulgaria is a delightful nation. The mountains are dazzling, and the ski resorts are so amazing—nothing to envy to some other nation on the planet. There are a ton of characteristic nectar makers here. You can see containers available to be purchased on the sides of streets and in any of the towns. Foods grown from the ground are available to be purchased all over the place and are the tastiest. Sweltering summers and cold winters. Winters can be beneath 15. Summers can reach 35 or even 40 in certain zones, like Plovdiv and south Bulgaria. Another thing that puts Bulgaria on the map is the pleasant sandy seashores and the warm water temperature of the Black Sea in the late spring season. The seashores can fluctuate from vivacious and sports-encouraged seashore stripes to quiet and lovely campgrounds.

Bulgaria can furnish you with altogether different encounters depending on whether you live in one of the urban areas or in more modest towns and villages. At the point when individuals portray towns in Bulgaria, they depict “pony and truck” kinds of towns. Along these lines, ensure you will live in that sort of climate in the event that you are thinking about a rural presence in Bulgaria. Any way, you won’t be distant from everyone else. There are numerous ex-pats that pick those locales and appreciate the positive side of a more straightforward life. There are districts near Veliko Tarnovo, Dobrich, and Elhovo, just to make reference to a couple, with moderately huge expat communities. Bulgaria’s population is decreasing quickly.

The two fundamental drivers of this fiasco are migration (numerous individuals have left Bulgaria since the increase to the European Union), searching for better working conditions, and exploiting the opportunity for development. Bulgaria has a net deficiency of one individual, like clockwork. Indeed, even an examination by Eurostat said that it is conceivable that the Bulgarian population could lose another million occupants by 2050 and be under 6.000 000.

The seashores along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast can be situated in the hotels, which are typically packed during the high season (July–August); however, between the retreats, you can discover shrouded seashores that will stun you. Take as much time as is needed to take a quick trip and see the nation; you will love it! Traveling inside the nation is generally simple since everything is near one another, such as Sofia-Varna (one of the more drawn-out separations to travel is just 450 km.), and there are likewise a couple of flights that interface the two urban areas in under 60 minutes.

In any case, on the off chance that you might want to like the wonderful scene and have sufficient opportunity, you can take the moderate train administration. You can pass from the mountains to the Black Sea coastline in several hours, and in the middle of it, you will discover delightful valleys. Food and drink are modest and helpful in the event that you’re not of the extravagant kind. Most cafés eat specials by and large between 12 and 2 pm, and you can have the unique for around 5–6 leva. Espressos are a lot less expensive here than in the remainder of Europe. You could go to an advanced coffeehouse toward the beginning of the day for an espresso, and it costs 2.00 leva, or 1 euro. You can likewise get a brew for 2 leva, about a euro.

Bulgarians are an extremely happy country. This nation was set up in 681 A.D.; furthermore, it has endured things you wouldn’t envision; they likewise are the innovators of the Bulgarian letters in order that during that time they grew to the majority of the Slavic nations; they even have a day for praising the Bulgarian letters in order and culture; it’s on the 24th of May, and you will see understudy take the roads with their motorcade. Most youthfully instructed Bulgarians by and large communicate in English and are so useful and a joy to be near. A great deal of taught Bulgarians work in the IT and redistributing area, which is enormous here. Bulgarians are likewise known for their IT capabilities.

They draw in excellent compensation, which they can live on here incredibly well, particularly in the event that they turn out poorly for an organization from abroad. Bulgaria has the quickest web speed on the planet, so you get an extraordinary incentive for cash. It’s extremely modest, too dependable, and exceptionally far and wide. One of the components behind the redistributing achievement. Cell phone bundles are modest for 25 leva; you get limitless calls to all organizations with some GB of internet. Bulgaria is an extraordinary spot to live in case you’re not delicate, and especially great on the off chance that you have a payment from outside of Bulgaria, for instance, an annuity or work for an outside organization. It is certainly a pleasant spot to begin a family and a preferred spot to live in over 66% of the world.

Citizenship by Investment for Bulgaria

Minimum investment for Citizenship by investment in Bulgaria

EUR 1,024,000

Additional fees for golden visa for Bulgaria

EUR 57,500

Type of Program

Citizenship by investment for Bulgaria

Visa type:

D visa permanent residence card

Processing time for Citizenship by investment of Bulgaria

3 – 4 months

Permanent Residency



After holding PR for 1 year

Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Bulgaria


Investment Options for Citizenship by investment of Bulgaria

  • €250,000 (temporary residency only) in a business entity
  • Immediately granted PR on €512,000 in business capital and government bonds
  • €1 million in government bonds or business capital (citizenship within one to two years under the fast track).
  • Real estate worth €300,000 (temporary residency only).

Why to go for Citizenship by investment of Bulgaria

With imminent passage, Bulgaria will be admitted to the Schengen zone as a member of the European Union. Thus, the nation provides an exceptionally attractive visa program. Passenger status in Bulgaria may exempt you from visa requirements for travel throughout Europe. You will be eligible to derive the privileges of permanent residency in Bulgaria following a two-year processing period. The advantages consist of reduced tax rates, entry into the European Union market, and numerous others. In order to acquire Bulgarian citizenship, neither language proficiency nor property ownership are prerequisites. Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship enables one to reside and travel freely throughout the European Union.

Family immigration in Bulgaria

The advantages associated with acquiring Bulgarian citizenship are extended to one’s family, which includes the spouse and children.

Citizenship By investment program in Bulgaria insight

Initially, you are granted permanent residency for a maximum of nine months. Both Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Consulate in your country must be visited twice during that time period. Upon completion of the file preparation process, it will be mandatory for you to submit the investment sum of BGN 1 million (EUR 512,000). Once the investment certificate has been issued, you will be eligible to apply for a D-type visa. You proceed to Bulgaria to submit the application once you have obtained your visa. Obtain a permanent resident card the following time you visit.

Upon attaining citizenship with an additional investment of BGN 1 million (EUR 512,000), one may do so following one year as a permanent resident. The investment may consist of a government-approved business venture or a deposit in government bonds. Two years may be sufficient to obtain the necessary citizenship.

Financial requirement for Bulgaria

A mandatory investment of BGN 1 million (approximately EUR 512,000) over a period of 5 years is required in a basket of government bonds. The total sum will be reimbursed after a period of five years, exclusive of interest. The necessary capital can be obtained via financing from a European bank.

In order to qualify for expedited citizenship, an investment of BGN 1 million (approximately EUR 512,000) is mandatory. Investing for a duration of two years is recommended. The investment may be made in a Bulgarian government-approved business venture or as a deposit in the government bond portfolio.

A fee of EUR 7,500 is required to apply for citizenship. Additional fees apply for members of the family. Enrollment and citizenship programs incur a processing fee of 25,000 EUR. For each child under the age of 18, an additional payment of EUR 2,500 is required.

Citizenship by Investment of Bulgaria through Real Estate

With the expectation that clients will obtain a satisfactory return on their investments in Bulgarian real estate, we offer assistance for such investments with the stipulation that they may withdraw their investment at any time in exchange for Bulgarian citizenship. Our organization has established partnerships with a select group of top real estate developers in Bulgaria who have established a solid reputation for producing high-yielding properties in prime locations.

Need to know – Bulgaria Citizenship by Investment

Frequently Asked Questions – Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria

The term “residency by investment to Bulgaria” refers to obtaining Bulgarian residency by investing in the country’s economy via real estate, business, or government bonds, among other methods. Apply for Bulgaria residency by investment, a residency by investment program supported by Bulgaria residency by investment services, by utilizing the services of our top residency by investment attorneys, residency by investment consultants, and best residency by investment attorneys in Bulgaria, while working for the top residency by investment agents in Bulgaria and best immigration consulting firms in Bulgaria.

Citizenship by investment in Bulgaria refers to the process of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship by investing in the country’s economy via real estate, business, or government bonds, among other methods. Implement a citizenship by investment program in Bulgaria, which is endorsed by citizenship by investment services for Bulgaria. To accomplish this, utilize the services of our top-rated citizenship by investment attorneys, consultants, and immigration consulting firms in Bulgaria. We are affiliated with the most reputable citizenship by investment agents in Bulgaria and immigration consulting firms in Bulgaria.

Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through investments in the country’s economy via real estate, business, government bonds, and other means constitutes the definition of a second passport in Bulgaria. By utilizing the services of our top-rated second passport attorneys, consultants, and second passport programs for Bulgaria, which are supported by second passport services for Bulgaria, you can submit an application for a second passport to Bulgaria. Our team of experts consists of second passport agents and immigration consulting firms in Bulgaria.

Investment in the Bulgarian economy through diverse channels, such as government bonds, real estate, or business, in order to obtain a residence permit is the definition of a “golden visa” in Bulgaria. Apply for a golden visa to Bulgaria, a golden visa program for Bulgaria supported by golden visa services for Bulgaria, by utilizing the services of our top-rated golden visa attorneys, consultants, and lawyers in Bulgaria, who are employed by the top-rated immigration consulting firms and golden visa agents in Bulgaria.

The minimum investment for citizenship by investment in Bulgaria is EUR 1,024,000.

Indeed, our Bulgarian agents and attorney in Bulgaria facilitate the process of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship via investment.

The requirements for Bulgarian citizenship by investment funds and the cost of Bulgarian citizenship by investment are tailored to high-net-worth individuals. Our organization offers comprehensive support for citizenship by investment solutions, in addition to charging a consultation fee.

Although citizenship by investment services can be utilized by citizens of any nation, only a few examples are provided. Bulgarian citizenship by investment from Asia, From Africa, Bulgarian citizenship by investment, From Europe, Bulgarian citizenship by investment, Bulgarian citizenship by investment from South America; Malaysian citizenship by investment in Bulgaria. Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from Bangladesh; Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from Indonesia; Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from Sri Lanka; Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from Nepal; Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from India; and Investment-based Bulgarian citizenship from the UAE.




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