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Introduction Cyprus and Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus, also known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a small island nation situated to the southeast of Greece and south of Turkey. In terms of total population, it ranks as the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, following Sardinia and Sicily. Cyprus is strategically situated at the point where three continents—Europe, Asia, and Africa—converge. Since quite some time, this former British colony that gained independence in 1960 has been a well-known area of interest. Furthermore, the island’s reputation as a favored locale for international expatriates has been progressively expanding.

Cyprus is renowned for its extensive coastlines, ruins that offer opportunities for exploration, delectable cheeses, and the most renowned wine brand globally, Commandaria. Instead of its diminutive size, Cyprus possesses an immense amount of history. A considerable number of the keepsake shops in Paphos contain authentic artifacts from antiquity, in addition to an archaeological site that dates back to the fourth century BC. This municipality is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on account of the remnants of former royal residences, fortifications, and cemeteries. Additionally, this island is widely acknowledged as one of the ten most exceptional wreck-plunging locations worldwide.

Moving to a different obscure location after a gathering is evidently not easy. This is especially true regarding Cyprus, as common perception is that the country is not highly esteemed. Expats selected for the island, on the other hand, are certain to be extraordinarily upbeat and satisfied with their new residence.

Before all else, keep in mind that establishing oneself or one’s family in the Jewel of the Mediterranean has numerous advantages, should you be seeking an additional expat objective. Continue reading for the top five reasons that will significantly enhance your life by relocating to Cyprus:

Motivators and Tax Breaks to Home Buyers

The genuine appeal for numerous international luxury property owners lies in the multitude of incentives provided by the government, which include tax incentives, title deeds purchased at a substantial discount, and the opportunity to obtain an EU passport.

There is an excess of prospective homes and land prices have not increased significantly since their precarious decline during the 2008 financial crisis. Regardless, there are signs of adaptation, predominantly due to governmental incentives. In 2015, the experts devised a concise program that substantially reduced the cost of title deed transfers. Recently, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance predicted that this momentum might soon become permanent. Additionally, he discussed an upcoming legislation that aims to substantially reduce property taxes by nearly 75%, with the potential elimination of them entirely by 2017.

A duty occupant is any individual who, in accordance with the law, resides in this province for a minimum of 183 days per year. Consequently, any payments you acquire domestically or internationally should incur an expense. On the contrary, British nationals residing in Cyprus are exempt from paying capital gains taxes on their British assets. Instead, they are obligated to reimburse the United Kingdom’s withholding tax on gains accrued subsequent to April 2015, the date on which tax authorities for British landowners residing overseas were modified by authorities.

Unquestionably, foreigners are permitted to purchase houses or land and construct homes in this country. In comparison to the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other nations, the cost of land is absurdly low. In addition to stamp duty, the average cost of a house on the Greek Cypriot side of the island is approximately $110,000 (£88442, €98206). Additionally, local and international banks typically contribute as much as 70% of the property’s total valuation.

The way toward buying a property in Cyprus can take a spell; it could take over 3 months for you to settle the negotiation. This is primarily a direct result of the obligatory application you need to make to the Council of Ministers. In any case, the cycle is very clear and simple, as long as you locate a neighborhood to assist you with the documentation.

Adequate daylight and warm temperatures

Cyprus appreciates a Mediterranean atmosphere with rankling summers and genuinely mellow winters. The nation’s proximity to the equator impacts the temperature and its general atmosphere. The inhabitants of the island experience nearly 340 days of brilliant daylight a year.

Summers keep going for at least 7 months, beginning toward the beginning of April and going on until the end of October. The normal daytime temperature is around 32 °C during these months and goes up to 40 °C or all the more inland. Late-spring temperatures are additionally supported by the hot breezes beginning in North Africa or the Middle East. Evening temperatures can shift anywhere between 13 °C and 24 °C, contingent upon the area. Summer isn’t just sweltering; it’s additionally dry. Indeed, it is uncommon to see a cloud in the sky from early June to the furthest limit of September.

The mid-year sun in Cyprus can be amazing. While a great many people absorb the beams, it is prudent to wear solid sunscreen just as defensive stuff (like attire, caps, and shades) when wandering out during the pinnacle hours, which generally last from early afternoon to 3:30 PM. Sunbathers ought to likewise drink a lot of fluids to keep away from parchedness.

In spring, the normal daytime temperature, for the most part, goes down to 25 °C and throughout the colder time of year, it could drop to around 16 °C. Evening temperatures can go as low as 9 °C. By and by, you will see bright days all during that time and incessant downpour showers in November and March.

Cypriots are pleased with the way that in their nation you can go skiing and take a plunge in the sea at the same time. From January to March, ex-pats travel to the mountains of Troodos for skiing, followed by an invigorating swim in the ocean.

Low Crime Rates

Cyprus has been tormented by a background marked by an extreme clash between the Greeks and Turks, as both of these countries have tried to guarantee this island, with no unmistakable outcome. However, it remains one of the most secure European nations to live in. Various British ex-pats who have been living on the Mediterranean island for quite a long time guarantee that Cyprus’ wellbeing and security levels are a lot higher than those in the UK.

While examples of trivial burglary are accounted for (particularly by vacationers and ex-pats) on a successive basis, the crime percentage on this island is low. Explorers are, by and large, encouraged to keep their identifications, cash, and assets in a protected spot. Female explorers should practice the typical careful steps that they would in some other outside nation.

This island is an extraordinary spot to bring up kids. It is workable for kids to play outside without their folks stressing over them, as the general climate everywhere in the nation is commonly free from any and all harm. Obviously, it is best for adults to keep a watch on their little ones to forestall any mishaps and wounds.

Medical care Standards

The medical care framework in the north and south of Cyprus is comparable to global norms. Like in most different spots, ex-pats can pick between public and private medical services.

The nation’s National Healthcare System offers free clinical consideration for the purpose of conveyance for everybody. Cypriots with low livelihoods are qualified for nothing or financed medicines. Crisis treatment at government emergency clinics is complimentary to everybody, including outside nationals; be that as it may, ensuing in-understanding treatment costs should be paid by the individuals who don’t fit the bill with the expectation of complementary treatment.

All the principal urban areas have an organization of government-run clinics alongside various more modest nursing homes, dispensaries, and facilities. The huge metropolitan private medical services area is fundamentally overwhelmed by private specialists running their own practices. The best part for ex-pats is that practically all clinical experts have probably gotten some piece of their preparation abroad and are conversant in English.

While the norm of essential medical care is astounding, various unfamiliar occupants in Cyprus want to revisit their nations of origin in the event that they have to go through significant medical procedures or require more mind-boggling clinical consideration.

English ex-pats are qualified for state medical services regardless of whether they don’t add to the Cypriot federal retirement aide framework, as long as they meet certain measures. Snap here to become familiar with this.

The pace of pestilence and irresistible infections on the island has been reliably low for a long time. Outsiders entering the nation aren’t required to get any immunizations.

Citizenship by Investment for Georgia

Minimum investment for Citizenship by investment in Cyprus

EUR 2.15 million

Additional fees for golden visa for Cyprus

EUR 7,000

Type of Program

Citizenship by investment for Cyprus

Visa type:

Certificate of Naturalisation (“Citizenship”) or Permanent residence permit depending on the scheme

Processing time for Citizenship by investment of Cyprus

3 – 4 months

Permanent Residency

Should have immigration permit for 6 months and must have a purchase value of € 500,000,000 owned residence


7 years of legal residence in Cyprus

Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Cyprus


Investment Options for Citizenship by investment of Cyprus

Real estate / Business

Why to go for Citizenship by investment of Cyprus

Cyprus’s geographical location is exceptional. It offers passport programs that are the most cost-effective within the European Union. After obtaining Cypriot citizenship, one can travel visa-free to more than 150 countries. You will be granted the opportunity to reside, travel, and work in any nation within the United States. Cyprus provides an exceptionally secure environment. There are numerous medical facilities of the highest caliber. The nation’s tax rate is exceptionally low in comparison to other member states of the European Union. Cyprus also possesses an exceptional educational system. There are no language or real estate prerequisites in the country.

Family immigration in Cyprus

The advantages of possessing a Cyprus passport also extend to close relatives, including dependent children under the age of 18 or children older than 18 who are sworn to allegiance to the passport holder. The spouse may potentially be incorporated into the application.

Citizenship By investment program in Cyprus insight

Among the quickest in the world, the application process is conducted. The duration may reach three months. Dual citizenship is not constrained in any way in Cyprus. Maintaining citizenship does not necessitate physical presence in Cyprus. An annual visit to Cyprus is the only requirement. You will receive every advantage that Cyprus has to offer once you obtain citizenship.

Financial requirement for Cyprus

To be eligible for a golden passport for Cyprus, an investor must allocate a minimum of EUR 2 million into Cyprus financial assets or real estate owned by a company with at least five Cyprus nationals employed. Additionally, you can invest in each of these simultaneously. Retain the investment for a duration of three years.

Additionally, you are required to purchase Cyprus real estate for a minimum of 500,000 EUR. It will be your responsibility to maintain that property for the rest of your life. Should you opt for the real estate investment alternative, the cost of that particular property will be factored into the minimum investment requirement of 2 million EUR. If the names of your parents or the parents of your spouse appear on the application, the parents are obligated to acquire assets with a minimum value of EUR 500,000. Alternatively, the couples may acquire a minimum asset value of one million euros jointly.

Each adult is required to submit an application fee of EUR 7,000 to the government. Regarding the size and age of the family, the advisory fees are susceptible to modification.

Citizenship by Investment of Cyprus through Real Estate

We provide support for real estate investments in Cyprus with the perspective that clients should earn a good return on investment in Cyprus whenever they want to opt out of the investment made by them for their citizenship by investing in Cyprus. We have ties with a few of the best real estate developers in Cyprus who have a good track record and whose properties are located in good locations in Cyprus, fetching the best returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

Obtaining residency in Cyprus by investing in its economy through diverse channels such as real estate, business, or government bonds is the definition of residency by investment in Cyprus. Utilize our top residency by investment attorneys in Cyprus, top residency by investment consultants for Cyprus, and top residency by investment agents in Cyprus to apply for a residency by investment program in Cyprus that is supported by residency by investment services for Cyprus. Our staff is comprised of the most reputable immigration consulting firms in Cyprus.

Citizenship by investment in Cyprus refers to the process of acquiring Cypriot citizenship by investing in the country’s economy through diverse channels, including real estate, business, and government bonds. Utilize our top-rated citizenship by investment attorneys in Cyprus, top-rated citizenship by investment consultants for Cyprus, and top-rated citizenship by investment agents in Cyprus to apply for a citizenship by investment program in Cyprus that is supported by citizenship by investment services for Cyprus. Our personnel are also experts in best immigration consulting firms in Cyprus.

A second passport in Cyprus can be defined as obtaining legal citizenship of Cyprus by investing in its economy through real estate, business, government bonds, and other means. Utilize the services of our top-tier second passport attorneys, consultants, and second passport agents in Cyprus, as well as the top immigration consulting firms in Cyprus, to apply for a second passport to Cyprus or a second passport program for Cyprus that is supported by second passport services for Cyprus.

A “golden visa” in Cyprus refers to the process of obtaining a residence permit by investing in the country’s economy through diverse ventures such as real estate, government bonds, or business. Request a golden visa to Cyprus, participate in the golden visa program for Cyprus, which is facilitated by golden visa services for Cyprus, by utilizing the services of our top-rated golden visa attorneys, consultants, and agents affiliated with the top immigration consulting firms in Cyprus.

The minimum investment requirement for Cyprus citizenship by investment is 2.15 million euros.

Yes, our Cyprus-based attorneys and agents facilitate the process of acquiring Cyprus citizenship through investment.

Cost of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment and Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Fund Requirements are reserved for high-net-worth individuals. For Cyprus Citizenship by Investment, we charge only a consultation fee and offer a plethora of additional services for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment solutions.

Citizens of any nation may utilize citizenship by investment services; however, a few examples include citizenship by investment to Cyprus from Asia and citizenship by investment to Cyprus from Africa. The following countries offer investment-based citizenship to Cyprus: Europe, South America, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and the UAE.




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