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Introduction Malta and Citizenship by Investment

The Maltese Archipelago comprises three primary islands, namely Comino, Gozo, and Malta. It is situated 290 kilometers off the coast of North Africa and 95 kilometers south of Sicily.

Malta is geographically situated at the confluence of North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The coastline of Malta is breathtaking, comprised of rocky terrain, harbors, canals, streams, and sandy shores. The flight time from the majority of European cities to Malta is approximately two to three hours.

From London (via Rome), Paris (via Frankfurt), Brussels (via Geneva), Athens (via Amsterdam), Madrid (via Munich), and Vienna (via Vienna), nonstop flights terminate in Malta. Additional consecutive flights are accessible notwithstanding the objections raised in North Africa and the Middle East.

As a member of the European Union, Malta is bound by the same visa requirements as the EU. Also included in the Schengen area is Malta. Regularly scheduled sailboat services link Valletta and Sicily, catering to the needs of passengers, automobiles, and large vehicles. Valletta is connected to North Africa and Italy through the mediation of other ship administrations. An intriguing option for your assessment could be Malta.

Malta, the smallest member state of the European Union, may be unfamiliar to you. However, this should not deter you. In addition to possessing the most secure environment, the lowest unemployment rate, and the most stable economy globally, Malta is renowned for its exceptional ambiance, exceptional healthcare, and remarkable tutoring services.

Before we delve into the particulars of life in Malta, allow us to present you with some background information on the nation. In the Mediterranean Sea is the Republic of Malta. Since 2004, it has been a member of the EU. Since 2007, Malta has been an additional member of Schengen.

Malta, which was formerly a province of the United Kingdom, maintains robust diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom and is an active member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

This nation boasts unexplored prospects that would enable you to provide greater personal fulfillment for your family, in addition to an outstanding educational and healthcare system. Occasionally, relocating to a foreign nation with your family can be challenging, particularly if you have children. The transition process for children may be facilitated by the school they attend.

The educational system in Malta is exceptionally well-positioned, with the majority of schools offering a wide variety of subject areas and adhering to the British model. In Malta, children are additionally required to attend school until the age of sixteen. With regard to the provision of medical treatment, Malta maintains exceptionally rigorous standards. Both public and private emergency rooms are equipped with the most recent medical technology and are supported by a network of health centers dispersed throughout the islands.

The healthcare system in Malta has received consistent rankings within the top five globally from the World Health Organization. The Maltese economy has sustained a comparatively low unemployment rate despite its continued rapid expansion. Uncharted trade, manufacturing (particularly of hardware and pharmaceuticals), and the travel industry are vital to the economy. The financial recovery of the European economy has stimulated price increases, the travel industry, and overall development. Priority business markets for Malta include the United States, the Eurozone, and Singapore.

The Malta Film Commission offers support services to international film organizations in the development of feature films, advertisements, and television series (Count of Monte Cristo, World War Z, Gladiator, Troy, Munich, and World War Z, among others, were all shot in Malta within the last few years). Despite intense competition from other filming locations in Eastern Europe and North Africa, this sector is expanding. Taxes are levied on all income and specific capital gains in Malta, with the amount due being dependent on the place of residence.

A combination of Malta’s tax framework and its extensive double tax settlement organization (more than seventy) enables speculators to establish a base in Malta and achieve significant financial efficiency with the proper planning and organization.

Organizations set up in Malta profit from the utilization of the full ascription framework and the refundable tax credit plot on benefits conveyed to investors.

Malta likewise offers an ideal tax residency status for people through various plans to encourage non-occupants to base their tax status locally. click here

Citizenship by Investment for Malta

Minimum investment for Citizenship by investment in Malta

EUR 1,000,000

Additional fees for golden visa for Malta

EUR 85,500

Type of Program

Citizenship by investment for Malta

Visa type:

e-Residence card

Processing time for Citizenship by investment of Malta

3 to 4 months

Permanent Residency

direct citizenship granted


After 4 years of residence

Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Malta

Yes allowed

Investment Options for Citizenship by investment of Malta

Donation + Bonds + Real estate

Why to go for Citizenship by investment of Malta

The nation of Malta is awe-inspiring. The government is a member of both the EU and the Schengen area. Malta has a turbulent past. A high quality of life is enjoyed by the populace. Possession of a Maltese passport grants unrestricted travel and residence rights throughout the European Union. Maltese citizenship applications may only be submitted by members of the applicant’s immediate family, and the application process is extremely rigorous.

Family immigration in Malta

Citizenship applications will be accepted only from financially dependent members of the applicant’s immediate family; additional fees will apply. The family may include your spouse, any dependent children under or older than 18 years old, your parents and grandparents, and any additional dependent children.

Citizenship By investment program in Malta insight

A Maltese national may apply for Maltese citizenship after one year of residence. Possessing a residence permit alone is sufficient; this does not require one to have resided in the country for an entire year. You shall maintain your property there for a period of five years. Additionally, you are required to invest and make contributions to financial products that the Maltese government will permit. Malta citizenship is bestowed in perpetuity and can be bequeathed to one’s offspring.

Financial requirement for Malta

Citizenship requires an investment of 150,000 EUR in initiatives sanctioned by the government. A minimum of five years should elapse following the initial investment.

A non-refundable contribution of 650,000 EUR is required in order to support the National Development Fund.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to acquire or lease real estate in Malta for a minimum duration of five years. A minimum investment of EUR 350,000 is required to purchase a residence. If not, a house may be rented for a minimum of 16,000 EUR per year.

In addition to the EUR 78,000 initial fee, the government assesses an additional EUR 7,500. The costs may vary contingent upon

regarding the age and quantity of applicants.

Citizenship by Investment of Malta through Real Estate

Our provision of real estate investment assistance in Malta is predicated on the expectation that clients will observe a satisfactory return on their capital in the event that they opt to discontinue their investments in the country in order to acquire Maltese citizenship. Collaborations have been established with two prominent real estate developers in Malta, whose establishments boast advantageous locations and a proven history of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Citizenship by Investment in Malta

Residency by investment in Malta refers to the process of obtaining residency in Malta by investing in its economy through diverse channels, including real estate, business ventures, or government bonds. Apply for residency by investment in Malta, a residency by investment program for Malta supported by residency by investment services for Malta, by utilizing the services of the top residency by investment attorneys in Malta, residency by investment consultants for Malta, and best immigration consulting firms in Malta, through our top residency by investment attorneys in Malta. click here for more

Citizenship by investment in Malta refers to the process of acquiring Maltese citizenship by investing in the Maltese economy through diverse channels, including real estate, business, and government bonds. We offer a citizenship by investment program in Malta, which is supported by citizenship by investment services for Malta. To apply, please contact our top-rated citizenship by investment attorneys in Malta, best-rated citizenship by investment consultants for Malta, operating at the top-rated immigration consulting firms in Malta and citizenship by investment agents in Malta.

A second passport in Malta can be defined as obtaining legal citizenship of Malta through various economic investments, including real estate, business, government bonds, and so forth. Utilize the services of our top-tier second passport attorneys, consultants, and second passport program for Malta, which are backed by second passport services for Malta, to submit your application. Our second passport specialists and consultants for Malta are employed by the top immigration consulting firms and second passport agents in Malta.

A golden visa in Malta is the acquisition of a residence permit by making an economic investment in the country through various channels, including real estate, government bonds, or business. Implement a golden visa program for Malta, facilitated by golden visa services for Malta, by engaging the services of our preeminent golden visa attorneys, consultants, and lawyers in Malta. These professionals are employed at renowned immigration consulting firms and golden visa agents in Malta.

Malta requires a minimum investment of one million euros for investment citizenship.

Citizenship by investment in Malta is, in fact, facilitated by our Maltese attorneys and employees.

The cost of citizenship by investment in Malta and the citizenship by investment fund requirements for Malta are for high-net-worth individuals. We charge only a consultation fee for citizenship by investment in Malta, and we also provide lots of other support for citizenship by investment solutions.

Although citizenship by investment services can be utilized by citizens of any nation, only a few examples are provided. Investment-based citizenship in Malta from Asia, Investment-based citizenship in Malta from Africa, Investment-based citizenship in Malta from Europe, Investment-based citizenship in Malta from South America, Investment-based citizenship in Malta for Malaysians, Citizenship by investment from Indonesia to Malta, Citizenship by investment from Bangladesh to Malta Investment-based citizenship in Malta for Sri Lanka, Investment-based citizenship in Malta for Nepal, Malta citizenship by investment for Indian nationals and UAE nationals in the same regard.




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