Client Assistance Program

Divine Visas Client Assistance Program

The Client Support Program provides comprehensive information, one-on-one assistance, and referrals for safety-net services and essentials.

In addition to aiding customers with the citizenship process, Divine Visa helps qualified citizens and LPRs apply for a wide range of immigration services.

Divine Visas has been supplying information and referring customers for a long time. Executive, managerial, and professional staff members can get both temporary and permanent immigration status with the assistance of our highly qualified immigration lawyers. We offer assistance in other immigration-related areas as well. Our whole menu of company immigration legal services encompasses:

  • determining and requesting the appropriate visa category for individuals who intend to travel to other countries for employment or other business-related reasons in order to stay temporarily
  • Processing and Preparation of Permanent Resident Visas for Executives and Other Professional Workers
  • Legal Guidance on Complying with Immigration Law to Prevent Civil and Criminal Penalties.
  • handling State Department matters at consulates and embassies around the world.
  • We provide direct legal assistance to individuals with immigration-related matters or make use of our international network of professional attorneys.



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