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Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a rich history and many interesting things, from beautiful sunny beaches to countless historical sites and ancient monuments scattered throughout the island.

However, depending on your nationality, if you want to take a trip to Cyprus, you may need a Cyprus visa.
This article is a guide to the Cyprus visa, including who needs it, how to apply, types, requirements and other common questions.


Who Needs a Cyprus visa?

Cyprus is part of the European Union, which means that all citizens of other EU countries can visit Cyprus without a visa.

There is also a list of third countries that also benefit from visa-free travel to Cyprus, as long as their stay is less than 90 days, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Types of Cyprus Visas

Cyprus visas are divided into the following types:

  1. Short-term stay visa, for stays of less than 90 days.
  2. Long-term stay visa, stay over 90 days.
  3. Group visa , issued to groups of people formed before the decision to travel and who will enter and leave Cyprus as a group. It is issued for a maximum stay of 30 days.
  4. Airport Transit Visa (ATV), for visa-required nationals who need to change planes at an airport in Cyprus en route to a third destination.
  5. Transit visa , for foreigners requiring a visa who must pass through Cyprus on their way to a third destination.

Short-term stay visa

Cyprus Short-term stay visa Cyprus is also known as tourist visa or tourist visa. They are usually issued for multiple entries and allow the holder to stay in Cyprus for a total of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

There are also a variety of short-term visas for entering Cyprus, issued for a maximum period of one year. They are only available to foreigners who have a legitimate reason to visit Cyprus regularly (e.g. business trips). In certain cases, some can receive a short-stay visa for Cyprus which is valid for up to five years.

Even in these cases, the stay in Cyprus cannot exceed 90 days within a six-month period.

Cyprus Long-stay Visa

A Cyprus long-stay visa is issued for non-EU nationals who want to enter Cyprus with the purpose of settling long-term (over 90 days).
This includes:

  1. Cyprus Work Visas
  2. Cyprus Study Visas

In order to remain in Cyprus legally for over 90 days, all foreign nationals have to obtain a residence permit, issued by the Cypriot Minister of Interior and recommended by the Immigration Control Board.

To be eligible for a residence permit/visa, you must fall under one of the allowed categories of immigration.



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How to Apply for a Cyprus Visa?

  1. Begin by clicking on the “Login” button, which can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. If you haven’t registered yet, please register yourself first. After registering, proceed to log in to the panel.
  3. Once you are logged in, navigate to the menu on the left side of the panel.
  4. Select the “Visa Application Form” option from the menu.
  5. Fill out this form with the required information.
  6. Finally, submit the completed form.

Is Cyprus Part of Schengen?

No, despite being a member of the EU, Cyprus has not been accepted as part of Schengen.
Cyprus, along with Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, is expected to join the Schengen border-free zone.
However, if you have a valid Schengen visa, you can still enter Cyprus, provided that the visa is still valid for entry and number of days.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Cyprus Visa?

Cyprus visas are processed within a minimum of 5-10 working days, but depending on the specific case, it may take longer.

This is why the request should be made as early as possible before the planned trip, but no earlier than three months.

Cyprus Visa Fees

You must pay the Cyprus visa application fee when you submit your application. Visa fees are non-refundable, even if the visa application is refused.

Cyprus visa application fees are as follows:

  1. Visa type Visa fee Short-term stay visa (1 to 90 days) €20
  2. Multiple short-term stay visa (maximum 1 to 5 year) €60
  3. Long stay visa €60
  4. Airport transit visa €15
  5. Visa extension €30
  6. Visa on arrival (Visa Pro) €20

If you apply through an application center visa, the cost will be more expensive because you will also have to pay additional service fees.

How Long Can I Stay in Cyprus With a Visa?

Cyprus visas are valid for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period, but can be issued at a lower rate. You can spend the days given to you consecutively or, if you receive a multiple-entry visa, you can split them up over six months.

However, the number of days you spend in Cyprus for all entries combined cannot exceed the number of days allotted to you. If you hold a multiple entry Cyprus visa valid for 1 to 5 years, the same requirements apply: you can only stay for a maximum of 90 days in any six month period any.

Can You Extend a Cyprus Visa?

Yes, holders of short stay visas to Cyprus are allowed to apply to extend their visa but must do so before their current visa expires.

To extend your Cyprus visa, you must apply to the local immigration unit in Cyprus. If your visa says “Final,” you must receive authorization from the Consular and Schengen Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Can You Visit Schengen With a Cyprus Visa?

No, because Cyprus has not joined Schengen, you cannot enter any Schengen country if you only have a Cyprus visa. You can apply for a Schengen visa, depending on the country you want to visit after Cyprus.

However, the Cyprus visa allows the visa holder to enter Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania under the conditions of Decision No. 565/2014/EU of the European Parliament.

Applying for a Cyprus Visa From UK

If you are a British citizen, you do not need to apply for a visa to Cyprus if you only intend to stay there for a maximum of 90 days.
If you’re wondering what will happen after Brexit, don’t worry.
Visa-free travel will also apply after Brexit, as the EU and UK have reached a reciprocal agreement allowing visa-free travel for British citizens, with the proviso that EU citizens can also come to the UK without a visa.
However, after Brexit, UK citizens will still need to register through the upcoming ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System), which will come into effect in May 2025.
Additionally, they will need a work permit.
and study permit like other non-EU nationals.

Applying For a Cyprus Visa From India

India is not on the list of countries whose citizens are exempt from short-term visas for Cypriots.
So, if you are from India, you need to apply for a Cyprus visa, depending on the purpose of your trip.
Cyprus visas for Indians are issued at the Cypriot consulate or embassy in India.
You can apply through an approved visa application center such as VFS Global by making an appointment in advance.
On the day of your appointment, you must present all the necessary documents and pay the Cyprus visa application fee.

Visiting Northern Cyprus

Despite their similar names, the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus (officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) are not the same.

The Republic of Cyprus is an EU country, while Northern Cyprus is a self-proclaimed state, recognized only by Turkey. The visa requirements for the northern part of Cyprus are therefore different from those for the southern part.

If you are only planning to stay for a maximum of 90 days, you do not need a visa to Northern Cyprus unless you are from Armenia or Nigeria. You can enter Northern Cyprus by air, sea or land from the Republic of Cyprus. If traveling by plane, you can only go through Turkey because there are no other international airlines.

However, if you enter Northern Cyprus first, you cannot enter the Republic of Cyprus without a valid visa. In some cases, you may not be allowed to enter because the two areas are in conflict and unstable relations.

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