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To visit Guyana, you may need to apply for a Guyana visa. Whether you need a visa to enter Guyana depends on your nationality. Guyana is a South American country known for its natural beauty and numerous waterfalls and rivers. In fact, “Guyana” is a Native American word that means “land of many waters.” This article details Guyana’s visa policy: Who needs a visa, how to apply, and what documents are required?


Who Needs a Guyana Visa?

Citizens of the following countries can travel to Guyana without a visa for stays of up to 90 days (unless otherwise stated):
  1. Antigua and Barbuda (up to 6 months)
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Bahamas
  6. Barbados (up to 6 months)
  7. Belgium
  8. Belize (up to 6 months)
  9. Botswana
  10. Brazil
  11. Canada
  12. Chile
  13. Colombia
  14. Costa Rica* (up to 30 days)
  15. Cuba
  16. Denmark
  17. Dominica (up to 6 months)
  18. Dominican Republic (up to 30 days)
  1. Ecuador
  2. Eswatini (up to 60 days)
  3. Finland
  4. France
  5.  Germany
  6. Greece
  7. Grenada (up to 6 months)
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Indonesia (up to 30 days)
  10. Ireland
  11. Italy
  12. Jamaica (up to 6 months)
  13. Japan
  14. Lesotho (up to 14 days)
  15. Luxembourg
  16. Malaysia (up to 60 days)
  17. Netherlands
  18. New Zealand
  19. North Korea
  20. Norway
  1. Panama*
  2. Peru*
  3. Portugal
  4. Russia
  5. Saint Kitts and Nevis (up to 6 months)
  6. Saint Lucia (up to 6 months)
  7. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (up to 6 months)
  8. South Africa (up to 30 days)
  9. South Korea (up to 30 days)
  10. Spain
  11. Suriname (up to 6 months)
  12. Sweden
  13. Switzerland
  14. Trinidad and Tobago (up to 6 months)
  15. United Kingdom
  16. United States
  17. Uruguay

Other Guyana Visa Exemptions

Citizens of the following countries do not have to apply for a Guyana visa for stays of up to 90 days if they already have a valid Schengen visa or a visa issued by Canada or the US:

  1. Guatemala
  2. Haiti (for business travelers)
  3. Mexico

Guyana Tourist Visa

Guyana tourist visas (also known as “visitor visas”) are issued to foreign nationals who require a visa and wish to visit Guyana for tourist purposes. Usually he is issued for 30 days at a time, but you can apply for an extension of another 30 days before the current visa expires. This means that she can stay in Guyana for up to three months on her single entry as a tourist.

If you obtain a multiple entry tourist visa, the validity period is one year.

You are not allowed to work on a tourist visa in Guyana.


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Guyana Visa Requirements

When applying for a Guyana visa, you will need to provide several documents that will be used by consular staff to determine the outcome of your visa. The documents you need will depend on the type of visa you need and the country you are applying for. However, you must include at least the following:

  1. Passport (must be valid for 6 months).
  2. 3 completed copies of Guyana visa application form
  3. 2 visa photos with the following requirements:
    • Size: 2 inches x 2 inches
    • White background
    • Recently taken (photos older than 3 months)
    • Run looking straight ahead with a neutral expression
    • Full face must be visible
    • Head coverings are not permitted unless for religious purposes. Again, headgear cannot cover the face.
    • Avoid wearing large, tinted, or thick-framed glasses that block your face or eyes.
  4. Proof of accommodation in Guyana (e.g. hotel reservation)
  5. Proof of the necessary means to finance travel to Guyana
  6. Letter of invitation from a Guyanese person/company (if applicable)
  7. For work visa: letter with approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Before traveling to Guyana, your employer must apply for a permit.
  8. For student visas: Letter of admission from a university in Guyana.
  9. For business visa:
    • Support letter from sponsor or host company/organization
    • Invitation letter from sponsor or host company/organization
    • Business registration and TIN certificate from host company/organization

If applying by mail: Mail order or prepaid mail order Envelope for returning documents.

Guyana Visa on Arrival Requirements

Nationals of Bolivia and the United Arab Emirates can get a Guyana visa on arrival. They do not need to apply at an Embassy or Consulate of Guyana for a short-term visa. You have to start the application for the visa on arrival here.

If you are from another country, you can also get a Guyana visa on arrival if you cannot access a Guyana Embassy or Consulate abroad. The following categories can apply for a Guyana visa on arrival:

  1. Tourists/visitors with a letter of invitation or sponsorship from someone in Guyana
  2. Foreigners with permission to work in Guyana from the Ministry of Home Affairs
  3. The spouse of a foreign worker in Guyana who is travelling with them.
  4. With the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs, foreign nationals have enrolled as students in educational institutions in Guyana.

To obtain a Guyana tourist visa on arrival, you will need:

  1. Two passport-sized photographs
  2. Invitation letter from host or sponsor in Guyana
  3. Name and contact information of host or sponsor in Guyana.
  4. Address of residence during stay in Guyana.
  5. Proof of financial requirements for stay.

To obtain a Guyana work visa on arrival, you will need:

  1. Approval of work visas and permits in Guyana. Before traveling to Guyana, your employer must apply for a work permit with the Ministry of Home Affairs by submitting the following documents:
    • Proof that the company is a company registered and established in accordance with Guyana’s requirements Proof.
    • Your personal data and contact information.
    • Employer Personal and Contact Information

To obtain a Guyana student visa on arrival you will need:

  1. Permit to study in Guyana. Must be obtained by school prior to travel. To obtain approval, you must submit the following to the Home Office:
    • A document containing the school’s name, address and contact information.
    • The address where you will reside while in Guyana.
    • Letter of Admission from your school
    • Proof of financial support to cover you during your studies in Guyana

To obtain a Guyana Business Visa on Arrival, you will need:

  1. A document showing the company name and the name of its representative company
  2. Address and contact information of the place where you would like to stay during your stay in Guyana .
  3. Attracting companies must provide the Ministry of the Interior with their intended location and company name, company type and address.

A visa on arrival will not be issued without an invitation/sponsorship letter or permission from the Home Office.

How to Apply for an Guyana Visa?

  1. Begin by clicking on the “Login” button, which can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. If you haven’t registered yet, please register yourself first. After registering, proceed to log in to the panel.
  3. Once you are logged in, navigate to the menu on the left side of the panel.
  4. Select the “Visa Application Form” option from the menu.
  5. Fill out this form with the required information.
  6. Finally, submit the completed form.

Duration of a Guyana Visa

Guyana tourist visas are initially issued for a maximum of 30 days. You can extend your tourist visa for two additional 30 days before it expires. This means you can stay in Guyana for up to three months on a tourist visa.

If you obtain a multiple entry tourist visa to Guyana, it is valid for one year to one year. Guyana work and student visas are issued for a maximum of three years and are renewable. Business visas for Guyana can be issued for up to five years. Each time you renew your Guyana visa, you will have to pay a fee (the same as when you first applied for the visa).

Guyana Visa Fees

Guyana visa fees are as follows:

  1. Guyana Tourist Visa $25
  2. Guyana Work Visa $140
  3. Guyana Student Visa $140
  4. Guyana Business Visa $140

Where to Apply for a Guyana Visa The embassy or consulate will inform you about how to apply for a Guyana visa. Please proceed with the payment.

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