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Latvia is a Baltic country famous for its magnificent architecture and peaceful lifestyle. Its capital, Riga, has Europe’s largest central market and is a popular tourist destination. Latvia offers a beautiful and affordable adventure, and if you want to visit Latvia you should first check whether you need a visa. This article will help you understand the visa application process to visit Latvia and learn about the different types of Latvian visas.

Do I need a visa to visit Latvia?

For Latvia, no visa is required if:

  • You are a citizen of a Schengen or EU/EEA nation.
  • You are a citizen of a Schengen member state that has a visa-free agreement. The United States, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and Thailand are among the nations that have visa-free agreements.

Citizens of nations lacking a visa-free agreement with Latvia, including but not limited to China, Egypt, India, Morocco, Thailand, and Turkey, are required to submit a visa application in order to enter the country.

Types of Latvian Visas

In accordance with the intended purpose of one’s visit to Latvia, an assortment of visas are available for application. In Latvia, the following visa categories apply:

  • Tourist visa (Schengen) for Latvia. To enter Latvia for leisure, business, or medical purposes, one may submit an application for a Latvia tourist visa. The validity period of this visa is ninety days. A tourist visa for Latvia is also referred to as a Schengen visa because it grants entry to other Schengen countries.
  • Airport transit visa for Latvia. A Latvian airport transit visa grants permission to remain in transit while changing flights to a third destination. A Latvian transit visa is not mandatory for all individuals, as long as they do not depart from the airport transit area.
  • Work visa for Latvia. To work in Latvia as a non-EU/EEA citizen, you must apply for a Latvian work visa, work permit, and residence permit. A Latvian employer must petition the Ministry of the Interior on your behalf for a work permit. Work permits vary in type according to the length of time an individual is engaged in employment. Work in Latvia is immediately possible upon receipt of a work permit from your employer.
  • Students’ visa for Latvia. To pursue an education in Latvia, a student visa is required. An initial visa validity of 90 days is granted to Latvian students on long-term visas. Additionally, you must submit an application for a Latvian residence permit valid for the duration of your studies if your program of study is longer than that.
  • Latvia Visa for Families. In order for a spouse or family member to accompany you to Latvia, you are required to submit an application for a Latvian family visa on their behalf. It is necessary to submit the application at the Latvian Immigration Office located in the nearest vicinity. Extension of the family visa’s three-month validity period is not feasible. A valid residence permit is necessary in order to extend the stay of a family member. You will be required to provide evidence of your familial connection with the individual you wish to invite.
  • Golden visa to Latvia. You may apply for the residence and citizenship by investment program, also referred to as the Latvian Golden Visa program, if you wish to invest in Latvia.
  • Earnable Card for Latvia. Qualified professionals are granted the privilege to reside and work in Latvia with the assistance of this unique category of residence permit. The D visa (long stay) is the minimum visa requirement for entry into Latvia; failure to do so will result in denial of entry.

Required Documents for Latvia Visa

Some of the main documents that are required when applying for a Latvian visa are:

  • The Latvia visa application form. You have to complete and print out the application form from the Electronic Visa Application website.
  • Two passport-size pictures. The pictures should be recent and follow Schengen visa photo requirements.
  • Your valid passport. Submit your passport or another identification document that has at least two blank pages and has a validity period of at least three months beyond the date you depart Latvia. Copies of your previous visas are also required, if applicable.
  • Travel health insurance. The travel insurance must be valid in Latvia and other Schengen countries and must cover €30,000.
  • Cover letter. The letter should state the reason behind your visit to Latvia.
  • Flight itinerary. Submit a confirmed or booked flight itinerary, stating the dates of travel and flight number.
  • Proof of accommodation in Latvia. A confirmed booking at a hotel or Airbnb reservation is required. If you will stay with a friend or family member in Latvia, they must write a letter of invitation.
  • Proof of marital status. A marriage certificate is used as proof.
  • Proof of financial stability. You need to prove that you can provide for your whole stay in Latvia. You are required to prove that you can afford to spend at least €14 a day, according to the Latvian Immigration Law.

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Latvia Visa Application Process

To initiate the visa application process for Latvia, you must:

  1. Complete the online application for Latvian citizenship. The application form is available on the Electronic Visa Application website of Latvia. After completing the application online, the completed form must be printed and appended to the remaining required documents. Ensure that you are filling it out correctly.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Latvian diplomatic mission located in your vicinity. You must schedule an appointment with the Latvian diplomatic mission to hand in the completed online application form and all other required documents. You may be required to apply through a visa application center in your home country on occasion. Consult diplomatic missions of Latvia overseas.
  3. Gather the necessary documentation. To apply for a Latvian visa, a specific collection of documents is required.
  4. Personal delivery of the application to the Latvian diplomatic mission is required. Attend your scheduled appointment with the application in hand, having obtained all required documents. It is important to note that an interview may also be requested of you.
  5. Await a choice of action. Await the outcome of your visa application once you have completed the aforementioned procedures. In two weeks, you will be informed of the decision.

Latvia Visa Application Processing Time

Visa processing for Latvia may require between 14 and 15 days. Processing times can extend to sixty days in certain circumstances (e.g., if you submit illegitimate documents, there is a lengthy line, etc.). It is recommended that you submit your application for a Latvia Schengen visa no later than three months prior to your intended visit.

How long is a Latvian visa valid?

A Latvian Schengen visa is valid for 90 days within a 180 day period. A Latvian long-stay (national) visa is valid for up to a year. If you receive a long-say visa, you may apply for a Latvian residence permit and extend your stay in Latvia indefinitely, provided you meet the criteria (e.g. you have a job, have been admitted to university, etc).

How Can I Stay in Latvia for Longer Than Three Months?

To extend your stay in Latvia beyond the initial 90-day duration, you may submit an application for a type D long-stay visa, which is equivalent to a national visa. A national visa of Latvia may be obtained for a duration of three to twelve months.

While a long-stay visa allows for employment, education, and family reunification, applicants intending to remain for more than a year will also be required to submit an application for a temporary residence permit. You can obtain the residence permit at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) or a Latvian embassy, whereas you can apply for a national visa only at the Latvian embassy.

Note: Work, student, and family reunification visas are considered long-stay visas.

Then, you will be required to apply for a residence permit. A temporary residence permit is issued for one year for the first application and four years for the second. A Latvian permanent residence permit is issued for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely.

Entering Latvia After Receiving a Visa

Visitor visas for Latvia require all foreign nationals to complete a digital application via the Latvian Covidpass website. The application deadline for entry into Latvia is forty-eight hours in advance. Additionally, you must provide evidence of any of the following prior to entry:

  • A valid certificate or vaccination card.
  • An adverse test result.
  • Proof of recovery from COVID-19. The expiration date of the COVID recovery certificate must not exceed 180 days.

What Can I Do If My Application Is Rejected?

An appeal may be filed against a denial of a short-stay or long-stay visa application by the embassy or consulate of Latvia. The director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must hear your appeal. The appeal must be submitted within thirty days of receiving notification of your visa denial. To file an appeal, a letter of appeal in English, Russian, or Latvian is required.

The appeal letter may be submitted electronically, in person, via postal service, or in person with a valid signature as defined in Article 26 of the Electronic Documents Law. You can submit the letter of appeal at:

  • The embassy or consulate of Latvia that denied your application.
  • The Department of Consular Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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