Luxembourg visa

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe but one of the wealthiest. So, hundreds of people visit this European country every year. If you also want to explore this small country, you may need to apply for a Luxembourg visa.

Is a visa required for entry into Luxembourg?

A visa is not required for entry into Luxembourg if:

  • You are an EU, EA, or Swiss citizen or a member of your family.
  • You are a citizen of a Schengen member state that has a visa-free agreement.

Visa applications are required for all other visitors to Luxembourg.

Which Visa Types Advise Luxembourg?

The four types of Luxembourg visas are as follows:

  1. Transit A visa for airports.
  2. A C visa for short stays.
  3. A long-term D-visa.

Transit A Visa for Airports

An airport transit visa allows you to transit in a Luxembourg airport while you are on your way to another country. However, this type of visa does not allow you to exit the airport area. The airport transit visa is issued for 24 hours.

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Difference Between Luxembourg Schengen Visa and Long-Stay Visa

The distinction between a long-stay visa and a Schengen visa is as follows:

Visa for short-stayVisa for Long-stay
A 90-day short-stay visa is issued.A 365-day long-stay visa is issued.
For purposes including tourism, family visits, and business meetings, a short-stay visa is issued.For purposes such as work, study, family reunification, investment, long-stay visas are issued.
A short-stay visa precludes the application process for a temporary residence permit. It is mandatory for you to depart Luxembourg promptly upon the expiration of your visa.You can apply for a temporary residence permit with a long-stay visa and extend your stay in Luxembourg indefinitely.

Luxembourg Visa Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for visa to Luxembourg:

  1. Make an Appointment with the Embassy of Luxembourg
  2. Complete the application for a visa.
  3. Fill out the application and pay the fee at the embassy.
  4. Awaiting a Response

Book an Appointment with the Luxembourg Embassy

Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Luxembourg to schedule an appointment. It is crucial that you arrive punctually for your visa appointment; failure to do so may result in your application being denied on that day in favor of another candidate. An interview may also be requested during your visa appointment.

Submit the Application at the Embassy and Pay the Fee

Compile the documents specified in the “Document Checklist for Luxembourg Visa” and deliver them to the embassy or consulate of Luxembourg.

Completing the payment for your visa application is the following step. Payment in person at the Luxembourg embassy or consulate in your country of residence is possible upon presentation of all the necessary documentation. Ensure that the payment receipt is appended to the remaining documents.

Luxembourg Visa Requirements

In order to obtain a Luxembourg visa, the following documents must be submitted at the Luxembourg embassy or consulate in your country of residence:

  • A valid passport. Passport requirements include good condition, validity for at least three months beyond the date of return, and a minimum of two blank pages. Include a copy of previous visas, if any.
  • Two photos according to the Schengen photo guidelines. Your photographs must be color, taken against a blank background, and passport size.
  • Schengen visa application form. Complete the application form online, print a hard copy, and sign it at the end. Make sure you fulfill the application with sincere responses. False information can lead to visa refusal.
  • Schengen visa travel insurance. Document proof that you have valid health insurance. The insurance must have coverage of €30,000 in case you face any health problems while in Luxembourg.
  • Visa fee receipt. Finish the visa fee payment at the embassy or consulate of Luxembourg when submitting the documents. Make sure you attach the receipt for the payment to the other requested documents.
  • Cover letter. The cover letter is like an introduction letter that you write to the embassy. The embassy will know more about you, the purpose of your visit, how long you plan to stay, which places you plan to visit, etc., based on this cover letter.
  • Accommodation proof in Luxembourg. The accommodation proof is a document proving that you have a place to stay in Luxembourg. This document can be a rental agreement, a hotel reservation, an invitation letter from a friend or a family member, etc.
  • Invitation letter. An invitation letter is a letter issued by a friend or family member proving that you have a place to stay in Luxembourg.
  • Bank statements. Submit the bank statements from the last six months, proving that you are financially stable and that you can finance yourself while you are in Luxembourg.
  • Flight itinerary. Document proof that you have purchased a return flight ticket in your home country after the visa expires.

Luxembourg Visa Processing Time

Visa processing in Luxembourg requires fifteen days. When the documents are submitted at the embassy or consulate in Luxembourg, the processing time commences. However, it is possible to extend the period by 15 to 60 days. Processing time is contingent on a variety of variables, including:

  • Your particular circumstance.
  • When the application is submitted, such as during the summer or holidays
  • Should a significant influx of applicants occur,
  • In the absence of any of the mandatory documents, and so forth.

Luxembourg Visa Duration

The visa type you apply for will determine the length of your stay in Luxembourg.

  • A short-stay visa for Luxembourg is valid for a maximum of three months during a period of 180 days.
  • A one-year long-stay visa is issued by Luxembourg; however, depending on the circumstances, it may be renewed or extended.

Luxembourg Visa Extension

You may do the following if your stay in Luxembourg exceeds three months:

  • Submit an extension request. The granting of an extension is contingent upon specific conditions.
    • Humanitarian or force majeure circumstances that impede your departure from Luxembourg.
    • You possess a compelling personal justification.
    • There are political issues in your country of origin.
  • Request an extended-stay D visa. Obtaining a long-stay visa is necessary if your intended stay in Luxembourg exceeds three months. The long-stay visa grants one year of residence in Luxembourg.



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