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An Overview of Investment-Based Residency in Bulgaria

On account of their comparatively low tax rate, Bulgaria has been selected by a number of British citizens attempting to return home or by Internet-based businesses seeking to launch. The average price of essential items in Bulgaria provides a further rationale for the decisions made by these individuals.

In comparison to other member states of the European Union, Bulgaria boasts quite affordable accommodations, dining establishments, and household appliances.

The act of relocating to a distant country often necessitates adapting to an entirely new way of life. It would be advantageous to acquire knowledge regarding the daily routines and way of life of the Bulgarian populace prior to relocating there. Even more so, you will partake in social, traditional, and formal festivities. However, in addition to their work-oriented nature, they are remarkably active individuals who also seek out opportunities for relaxation activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and other pursuits.

A number of festivities revolve around Easter, whereas some are lauded on explicit dates. Regarding Christmas, two sections are observed: the first takes place in the morning of December 24th, and the second takes place in chapel on December 25th, following a joyous lunch.

Indeed, certain traditions continue to be observed in Bulgaria, despite the country’s gradual transformation into a progressive society.

The majority of Bulgarians are accustomed to visiting the coast and enjoying food.

The Bulgarian way of life is the source of great fascination for a considerable number of individuals. Appreciateable relaxation practices include strolling along the mountains, immersing oneself in nature, and skipping during the winter or late spring on the shore. Sofia’s vast landscape presents a multitude of fresh opportunities.

A multitude of residents cultivate their own produce at home, while sheep and goats roam unrestrictedly through fields devoid of walls. Even though Bulgaria is a captivating place to reside, there are a few precautions that should be taken into account. Pickpockets operate in tourist resorts and downtown areas, especially in congested regions such as transportation systems and congested roads. An increase in robberies occurring at lodging establishments in popular tourist destinations has also been observed. Bulgaria operates under a level duty framework, which stipulates that in 2011, both individual and corporate expense rates are fixed at 10%. Bulgaria is especially appealing to individuals who are interested in reducing the amount of responsibility they place on their wages or employee benefits in this manner.

Hotel and dining expenses in Bulgaria are considerably lower than the average for the European Union.

Property prices in Bulgaria have decreased substantially since their peaks after EU promotion, meaning that it is possible to acquire decent convenience throughout the country (with the exception of a few select rural areas in Sofia) for considerably less than you would pay for comparable convenience in the United Kingdom. Typically, lease costs in Bulgaria are 74.06% less than in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to living, the prospect of requiring little effort is typically very appealing. It is possible that retired individuals will discover that their annuity funds are significantly more productive in Bulgaria. This could be advantageous for them, as they will no longer be reliant on the local economy for sustenance.

Investment-Based Residency for Bulgaria

Minimum investment for Residency by investment in Bulgaria

EUR 512,000

Additional fees for golden visa for Bulgaria

EUR 25,000

Type of Program

Residency by investment for Bulgaria

Visa type:

D visa permanent residence card

Processing time for Residency by investment of Bulgaria

3 to 4 months

Permanent Residency



After holding PR for 1 year

Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Bulgaria


Investment Options for Residency by investment of Bulgaria

  • Business capital and government bonds totaling €512,000

(PR is immediately granted)

  • Permanent residency is for a €250,000 business entity.
  • The property holds €300,000 (temporary residency only).
  • Government bonds or €1 million in business capital (citizenship within one to two years under the fast track)

Reasons to Invest in Bulgarian Residency

Bulgaria is currently a member of the European Union and, in the near future, will also join the Schengen Zone. Accordingly, the nation provides an enticing visa program. Passenger status in Bulgaria may exempt you from visa requirements for travel throughout Europe. You will be entitled to the privileges of permanent resident status in Bulgaria following a two-year processing period. The advantages consist of reduced tax rates, entry into the European Union’s markets, and numerous others. Eligibility for Bulgarian citizenship does not require property ownership or proficiency in the language. After obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, it is simple to travel to and reside in any EU member state.

Immigration of families to Bulgaria

Family members are eligible to receive the advantages of Bulgarian permanent residency. Spouses and children may be eligible for Bulgarian residency as well, contingent upon family reunification, upon obtaining Bulgarian citizenship themselves.

Status of Residency With regard to the Bulgarian investment program

A maximum of nine months is allotted before you attain permanent residency. Both Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Consulate in your country must be visited twice during that time period. Upon completion of the file preparation process, it will be mandatory for you to submit the investment sum of BGN 1 million (EUR 512,000). You may apply for a D-type visa once the certificate of investment has been issued. You proceed to Bulgaria to submit the application once you have obtained your visa. Obtain a permanent resident card the following time you visit. Submitting an application form, family members are eligible to obtain permanent residency cards once you have got yours. Additionally, the candidate will be expected to travel to Bulgaria on two separate occasions.

The monetary needs of Bulgaria

A five-year commitment of BGN 1 million (approximately EUR 512,000) in a portfolio of government bonds is mandatory. You will receive your money back after five years, interest-free. The Bulgarian government ensures that your funds will be refunded at the conclusion of the specified period. The investment amount may also be obtained financing from a European bank. A EUR 25,000 processing fee is mandatory. Non-18-year-old children may be subject to an additional charge. The  fee for children will be EUR 2,500.

Property-Based Residency by Investment in Bulgaria

With the hope that clients will receive a satisfactory return on their investments in Bulgarian real estate, we offer assistance for such investments with the stipulation that they may withdraw their investment at any time in exchange for Bulgarian residency. Our organization has established partnerships with a select group of top real estate developers in Bulgaria who have established a solid reputation for producing high-yielding properties in prime locations.

Need to know – Bulgaria Residency by Investment

Frequently Asked Questions – Residency by Investment in Bulgaria

The term “residency by investment in Bulgaria” pertains to the procedure of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship by means of an investment in the nation’s economy via various means, such as real estate, corporate ventures, or government bonds. You may apply for residency by investment in Bulgaria, a residency by investment program for Bulgaria supported by residency by investment services for Bulgaria, with the assistance of the top residency by investment attorneys in Bulgaria, the top residency by investment consultants for Bulgaria, the top residency by investment agents in Bulgaria, and the top immigration consulting firms in Bulgaria.

Citizenship by investment in Bulgaria refers to the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investing in the country’s economy through government bonds, real estate, or other channels. Engage in a citizenship by investment program facilitated by citizenship by investment services in Bulgaria, petition for Bulgarian citizenship by investment, and collaborate with leading immigration consulting firms and attorneys specializing in citizenship by investment through our organization’s leading citizenship by investment attorneys and consultants for Bulgaria.

Investing in the Bulgarian economy via real estate, business, government bonds, or other methods is equivalent to obtaining legal Bulgarian citizenship (a “second passport” in Bulgaria). To submit an application for a second passport to Bulgaria, make use of our premier second passport attorneys in Bulgaria, second passport programs for Bulgaria, and second passport services for Bulgaria. Respected immigration consulting firms and second passport agents in Bulgaria retain our foremost second passport attorneys and consultants.

The phrase “golden visa in Bulgaria” pertains to the process of acquiring a residence permit by means of diverse economic investments, such as real estate, government bonds, and business ventures. Golden visa services for Bulgaria facilitate the implementation of a golden visa program for Bulgaria. Our top-rated golden visa attorneys and consultants for Bulgaria, who are employed by the top-rated immigration consulting firms and golden visa agents in Bulgaria, can assist you in achieving this objective.

The minimum investment required to qualify for investment-based Bulgarian residency is EUR 512,000.

Doing so via investments in Bulgaria is, in fact, facilitated by our Bulgarian legal representatives and agents.

High-net-worth individuals are exempt from the charges associated with obtaining Bulgarian residency by investment and the investment fund requirements for Bulgarian residency. We offer an abundance of supplementary Residency by Investment solution support services in addition to a consultation fee for Residency by Investment to Bulgaria.

Although residency by investment services are available to citizens of any nation, Residency by investment to Bulgaria from Africa and Residency by investment to Bulgaria from Asia are illustrative cases. Bulgaria grants residency status to investors from the UAE, Europe, South America, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and India.




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