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Introduction Greece and Residency by Investment

Greece is a vast, unique, and strikingly beautiful country that combines sun-drenched islands, towering mountains, bustling cities, and timeless traditions. Beneath the warm embrace of the Aegean Sea, it is vibrant, hospitable, and full of surprises. It was the first majority rule system in history, having existed since the fifth century B.C.

Greece has it all, whether you are a short-term visitor or an eager expat: a superb year-round climate, reasonable convenience, delicious food, friendly locals, and incredible history. This country’s edges are bursting with laid-back rationality, and the list of must-see locations is endless: Athens, Crete, Delphi, Olympia, Santorini, Skiathos, Meteora, Rhodes, and Corfu are just a taste of what is to come.

Greece has long been a popular destination for tourists, but it is big enough that you can usually find your own private “heaven spot” away from the crowds. In fact, there are currently hidden gems that offer all the relaxation and space you need, even during the summer when the islands, beaches, and historic ruins are crowded with visitors. Around 40% of the nation’s whole population lives in and around Athens, which implies there’s heaps of room in different parts of the nation, with in excess of 50,000 square miles and, in a real sense, a huge number of amazing islands to browse.

For some marginalized individuals, the prospect of relocating to Greece is enticing. Greece is a very vibrant country that is well-known throughout the world for its fantastic atmosphere year-round, distinct history, superb architecture, and remarkable culture. The country’s strength has increased since it was recognized by the EU in 1981.

Greece is generally considered to be a safe haven where very little actual wrongdoing occurs. Even though cities like Athens tend to be more expensive than the rest of the country, they may have the lowest average cost for necessities in the European Union. Particularly if you are an expatriate living in Greece, the standard of living is high.

Greeks are known for being extraordinarily hospitable and friendly. Greece is largely a Greek Orthodox country, with 99% of the people practicing this religion.

Being an expat living in Greece

Greece’s admission into the EU in 1981 signaled the beginning of a more welcoming environment for foreign nationals working abroad. Before this, Greece was primarily an agricultural nation where former taps frequently faced a two-year wait for a phone line and cars were rarely seen in the streets.

Even so, joining the EU drastically altered the standards for daily conveniences and made life easier, even though this might have been at the expense of Greece’s once flawless reputation.

Greece has not been as popular among expats as some of its European neighbors have been up until now. Generally speaking, this is because there are not as many international organizations based here. Therefore, it might not be as easy to advance your career as it seems given the various objections that exist throughout Europe.

All things considered, the country welcomes foreign workers, and Greece’s significant advancement in the tourism sector suggests that there are usually opportunities in this sector, such as launching a business, becoming an expert in the area, or managing inns. If you are thinking about moving to this beautiful country, research potential employers before you move because unemployment is actually quite high (9.5 percent). The goal guide can provide you with an overview of key resources to help you through this cycle.

Greece’s average price for necessities

Greece is an individual from the European Union and offers the Euro. The average cost for basic items in Greece is commonly 30%, which is not exactly the case in numerous other European nations; however, Greece’s normal neighborhood compensation is likewise lower. In any case, federal retirement aide rates are likewise below those in the normal EU nation, so ostracizes who live here on a neighborhood compensation basis will in any case have the option to live easily.

Food items are amazingly modest in Greece, particularly in Rhodes, where there are no import obligations, which makes this a superior spot than numerous other European nations regarding living expenses. It is firmly foreseen that the average cost of basic items in Greece will fall significantly in the coming years because of the monetary emergency.

Our global migration guides contain point-by-point living expenses across various ways of life and living alternatives for some well-known exile objections. Since our aides are composed of ex-pats who live and work in the nations themselves, you can be guaranteed that the data is exact, forward-thinking, and dependable.

Residency by Investment for Greece

Minimum investment for Residency by investment in Greece

EUR 250,000

Additional fees for golden visa for Greece

EUR 20,000

Type of Program

Residency by investment for Greece

Visa type:

D visa or Permanent Residence permit valid upto 5 years

Processing time for Residency by investment of Greece

3 to 4 months

Permanent Residency



After 7 years

Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Greece


Investment Options for Residency by investment of Greece

Real estate

Why to go for Residency by investment of Greece

Greece is home to one of the oldest civilizations in Europe, making it a country rich in historical sites and cultural artifacts. The country’s tourism industry is booming. Since the country is a full member of both the EU and the Schengen area, its citizens can benefit from unrestricted travel within both organizations. Buying real estate to rent to tourists and travelers enables you to become a Greek resident more quickly. The residency-by-investment program is too easy and quick, and you can apply with your family. You do not need to provide documentation proving that you actually live in Greece in order to get your RP.

Family immigration in Greece

Your spouse should be included in your application, as should children under 21. Best of all, no additional investment is required in order to include family members.

Residency By investment program in Greece insight

You can apply directly to the Greek Department of Immigration in Greece, or through the Greek Embassy. The purchase of real estate in Greece must be registered for a minimum of EUR250,000. If the purchase has not yet been completed, you must provide proof of sufficient funds and an engagement agreement. The process is too quick: you will receive your permit in one to one and a half months. The RP has a five-year expiration date and may be extended for an additional five.

Financial requirement for Greece

It will be required of you to invest in real estate in Greece for a minimum of EUR 250,000 and to hold onto the property for 15 years. By leasing your home to tourists, you can profit from Greece’s burgeoning tourism sector.

Residency by Investment of Greece through Real Estate

We provide support for real estate investments in Greece with the perspective that clients should earn a good return on investment in Greece whenever they want to opt out of the investment made by them for their residency in Greece. We have ties with a few of the best real estate developers in Greece who have a good track record and whose properties are located in good locations in Greece, fetching the best returns.

Need to know – Greece Residency by Investment

Frequently Asked Questions – Residency by Investment in Greece

“Residence by investment” describes the process of becoming a resident of Greece by bringing in money via a variety of channels, including real estate, businesses, or government bonds. Fill out the application for Greece’s residency by investment program. Supported by residency by investment services for Greece, through our best residency by investment lawyers in Greece, best residency by investment attorneys in Greece, and best residency by investment consultants for Greece, we work at the best residency by investment agents in Greece and the best immigration consulting firms in Greece.

Obtaining Greek citizenship through investment in the country’s economy through a variety of channels, such as real estate, business ventures, government bonds, etc., is known as citizenship by investment in Greece. Apply for Greek citizenship by investment through our best citizenship by investment lawyers, best citizenship by investment attorneys, and best citizenship by investment consultants. We work with the best immigration consulting firms in Greece as well as the best citizenship by investment agents in Greece. Apply for Greek citizenship by investment through our citizenship by investment program.

Obtaining legal Greek citizenship through investments in the country’s economy through a variety of channels, such as real estate, business, government bonds, etc., is known as obtaining a second passport in Greece. Apply for a second passport to Greece through our best second passport attorneys, consultants, and lawyers in Greece. They will work at the best immigration consulting firms and second passport agents in Greece. The second passport program for Greece is supported by the second passport services for Greece.

Obtaining a Greek residence permit through investment in the country’s economy through a variety of channels, such as government bonds, businesses, real estate, etc., is known as obtaining a golden visa in Greece. Apply for a Golden Visa to Greece through the Golden Visa Program for Greece, which is supported by Golden Visa Services for Greece. You can do this by working with the best immigration consulting firms in Greece or Golden Visa agents in Greece, or by using our services to find the best Golden Visa attorneys, consultants, and lawyers in Greece.

The required minimum investment to qualify for Greek residency is EUR 250,000.

Indeed, support for residency through investment in Greece is given by our Greek lawyer and agents.

Cost of Residency by Investment to Greece and Residency by Investment Fund Requirements for Greece are for high-net-worth individuals. We charge only a consultation fee for Residency by Investment to Greece, and we also provide lots of other support for Residency by Investment solutions.

Citizens of any nation can use residency through investment services, however some examples are Residency by investment to Greece from Asia, Residency by investment to Greece from Africa, Residency by investment to Greece from Europe, Residency by investment to Greece from South America, Residency by investment to Greece from Malaysia, Residency by investment to Greece from Bangladesh, Residency by investment to Greece from Indonesia, Residency by investment to Greece from Sri Lanka, Residency by investment to Greece from Nepal, Residency by investment to Greece from India, and Residency by investment to Greece from UAE.




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