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A Turkish visa allows entry and stay in Türkiye for a specific period of time.It allows you to perform a number of activities and, depending on the type, even to study or work.Some visas even allow you to apply for a residence permit in Türkiye and stay in Türkiye for at least a year.According to visa guide

Who Needs a Turkey Visa?

There is a long list of nationals from around the world who require a Turkish visa to enter the country.Only citizens of countries with good diplomatic relations with Türkiye are exempt.

People who need a visa to enter Turkey are divided into two groups:

  • Foreigners can apply for an electronic visa for tourism or trade and a sticker visa for other purposes.
  • Foreigners must apply for a visa with a sticker to enter Türkiye for all entry purposes.

Additionally, certain categories are exempt from both goups.See our detailed article on who needs a visa to enter Türkiye, with a full list of all these categories and exemptions.

» Visa free countries for Turkish passport holders.

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type of Turkish visa

There are several types of Türkiye visas that you can apply for.

Note that depending on the purpose of your trip to Turkey, you will need to choose one of the following main Turkey visa types:

Turkey Tourist/Business Visa.
You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of your trip to Turkey is transit, sightseeing, business/trade conference, conference/seminar/meeting, festival/meeting markets/exhibitions, sports activities, etc.or visit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Turkish Education Visa .
You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of the application is to complete an internship, course or other educational purposes in Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Working visa for Türkiye.
You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of your trip to Turkey is to work or if you are an academic, athlete, artist, free zone worker, journalist in Turkey or for editing and reporting purposes.
Other visas.
You can also apply for other visas that do not belong to the above lists, such as: for archaeological excavations, for exploration purposes, for documentary purposes, for executive representatives tour, for medical treatment purposes, for accompanying, for family reunion purposes, for transporting goods or for sailors.

Required Documents to Apply for a Turkey Visa

To apply for a Turkish visa, you need to submit some necessary documents on the day of the interview.
These documents are a very important part of the application process, so you must collect each document according to the criteria and specifications set by the Turkish authorities.
Depending on the type of visa you are applying for and sometimes your nationality, you will need to submit additional documents.


Turkish Visa Fees

You will have to pay a special Turkish visa application fee when you apply.
The fees for issuing a stamped visa for Türkiye and issuing an e-visa are different.
Depending on your nationality, Turkish e-visa application fees range from €14 to €71.
On the other hand, Turkish visa application fees for visas with stickers start from as low as €117, as high as €180, for most nationalities.
However, citizens of some other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, may have to pay higher visa fees, up to €465.



  1. Begin by clicking on the “Login” button, which can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. If you haven’t registered yet, please register yourself first. After registering, proceed to log in to the panel.
  3. Once you are logged in, navigate to the menu on the left side of the panel.
  4. Select the “Visa Application Form” option from the menu.
  5. Fill out this form with the required information.
  6. Finally, submit the completed form.

Find out when is the right time to apply

Turkish authorities recommend that you apply for a visa with a Turkish sticker at least one month before your trip.This will allow you to avoid possible inconvenience caused by delays in processing your request.
However, you can submit your application no earlier than 60 days before your intended date of departure to Türkiye.

Turkey Visa Application Processing

Processing of Türkiye visa application depends on the country you are applying from.While in some countries you can expect a response within three days, in others the average time can be around 15 business days.

When applying for a work visa, processing your application may take 25 working days.

You can track your application status on the same website where you started your application.

Turkish Visa Validity

With a Turkish visa, you can stay in Türkiye for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month period.Note that depending on your nationality, you will be allowed to stay in Türkiye for the duration:

  • Up to 30 days within six months
  • Up to 60 days within six months
  • Up to 90 days within six months
  • Up to 60 days per visit, 90 days within six months
  • Up to 30 days per visit, 90 days within six months

After You Arrive in Turkey

If you are in Türkiye intending to work or study, you must register with your nearest local police station upon arrival in Turkey.

Note that if you want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit from the Provincial Migration Administration.People in Türkiye with tourist or business visas cannot apply for a residence permit.

Frequently Asked Questions – Turkey

According to Turkish law, visitors wishing to enter Turkey must carry a passport valid for at least 60 days beyond the “period of stay” of the visa, exemption visa or residence permit.

You can enter Turkey with a Schengen visa under certain conditions:

  • You must be a citizen of one of the 63 eligible countries and territories in the world to apply for an e-visa for this purpose, tourism and business.
  • You must travel to Türkiye with an airline that has an agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You must book a hotel room and have the necessary financial means.

You can enter Turkey with a US visa under certain conditions, like those listed above for entering Turkey with a Schengen visa.

No, this is not the case because the validity period of the e-Visa starts from the date stated in your application.
You are allowed to enter Türkiye on any day during this period.

All travelers requiring a Turkish visa must have adequate Turkish travel insurance.




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