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Prior to your trip to Ukraine, you might be required to submit an application for a visa. However, this is not always the case, as citizens of a number of nations, some for an indefinite period of time, are permitted to enter Ukraine with their passports.

Do I Need a Visa for Ukraine?

Visas are required to enter Ukraine, unless you are a citizen of a visa-exempt nation. In accordance with Ukraine’s visa policy, nationals of the countries listed below are granted entry into the country without the requirement of obtaining a visa in advance.

What are the Types of Ukrainian Visas?

The Ukrainian government issues three types of Ukrainian visas:

  • Short-Term Ukraine Visa, also known as a Tourist Visa (C Type),
  • Long-Term Ukraine Visa (D Type)
  • Ukraine Transit Visa (B Type)

Ukraine Visa Requirements

When applying for a visa to Ukraine, the following documents are required:

  • The duly printed and signed Application for Ukraine Visa.
  • A passport comprising:
    • Is valid for a minimum of three months beyond the date of departure from Ukraine?
    • Contains a minimum of two blank pages for visa affixation.
    • Since-issued within the previous decade
  • Two photographs of yourself in passport size, with the following dimensions:
    • The size is 35 mm by 45 mm.
    • Captured against an off-white or white backdrop.
    • Recent (within the past six months):
    • You must be staring the camera directly in front of you.
    • It is prohibited to wear glasses or headgear. Accepted are head coverings worn exclusively for religious purposes, provided that they do not obstruct the face.
    • The image must be of superior quality, devoid of any shadows, glare, underexposure, or overexposure.
  • A minimum of €30,000 is covered by travel health insurance for the duration of your stay.
  • Documentation of adequate funds to cover the entire duration of your stay, as evidenced by one of the following methods:
    • By analyzing bank statements from the previous two months
    • By examining pay stubs from the previous three months
    • By means of tax returns pertaining to the prior fiscal year
    • Upon retirement, you will be granted a pension due to substantial evidence.
    • If an individual or organization is willing to reimburse your expenses, request sponsorship in the form of a letter.
  • Documentation of lodging in Ukraine.
  • Flight or travel ticket restitution.
  • Documentation of the Ukraine visa fee payment.
  • Documentation proving legal residency, such as a valid residence permit. (Should you not be a citizen of the nation in which you currently reside.)

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Ukraine Tourist Visa Requirements

If your Ukraine visa application is for a private visit or tourism, you will also need the following documents:

  • Evidence of lodging at a hotel
  • Vouchers for tourism, originally issued by a Ukrainian travel agency
  • When staying with a family member or friend:
    • Invitation letter that includes the complete name of the host,
    • their passport information,
    • their valid identification card or residence permit (as applicable),
    • the individuals’ passport copies,
    • name and information from your passport,
    • the specifics of your journey,
    • the guarantee they will financially cover for you.

Ukraine Business Visa Requirements

When applying for a business visa to Ukraine, the following additional documents are required:

  • An invitation letter issued by the Ukrainian company or organization. The letter must be printed on the organization’s official letterhead and include the Unified State Registry number of the company, along with pertinent information regarding yourself and your trip.
  • A letter confirming that your employer or sponsor will provide expense coverage (if applicable).

When to Apply for a Ukraine Visa?

You have to apply for a Ukraine visa at least 10 days before you travel, but no earlier than three months.

Where to Apply for a Ukraine Visa?

Visa applications for Ukraine can be submitted at one of the following locations:

  • A consulate or embassies of Ukraine located overseas
  • One of the Ukrainian Visa Application Centers Abroad

You can select the country where you intend to submit the application while completing the online application; this will reveal which embassy/consulate/VAC you are authorized to apply at.

You might be eligible for an emergency Ukraine visa upon arrival at Ukrainian international airports under extremely limited circumstances.

Ukraine eVisa

In January 2019, the Ukraine eVisa was introduced with the intention of streamlining the visa application process for Ukraine. Ukraine eVisas are issued exclusively through the Internet; no physical visit to a consulate or embassy is required. It is issued for the following purposes for short-term stays of up to 30 days (single entry):

  • The Tourism 
  • Business
  • Private visit
  • Medical treatment
  • Journalism/mass media
  • Cultural, sports, educational, or scientific events or activities

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