US Domestic Tourism Stalls as Americans Flock to Overseas Destinations:

September 2, 2023BY Divine Visas ( 0 ) Comment

US tourism businesses have surged in the wake of the pandemic, and Americans are now giving their money to the world as the number of people traveling abroad has skyrocketed this.
Several companies and tour operators confirmed that tourist rates dropped this summer as the world opened up after the COVID-19 pandemic forced Americans’ travel plans on hold for nearly two years, reports Divine Associates ltd.

“We have a feeling that our bubble has burst and we are getting back to normal, more like in 2019,” Diane Medler, CEO of Montana-based Discover Kalispell, which singled out international travel as one of the factors they contribute. Businesses and tour operators have confirmed that interest has decreased, but not entirely. The chief executive of motorhome rental market

RVShare revealed that growth has slowed significantly since the pandemic interest in motorhome bookings.
A common comment from US travellers this year is that they will go international this year. Yves Marceau, vice president of product at G Adventures backs up this claim, saying that domestic tourist arrivals from hotels in Yellowstone, Jackson, Wyoming, San Francisco and the rest of the US have declined. Tour operators, which have been consistently sold out for the past couple of years, are now much more accommodating.

According to the U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office, 36 million Americans travelled abroad between January and May, up 35 percent from a year earlier. On the other hand, airlines have witnessed a growing interest in international travel.
“We have seen a larger-than-expected geographic shift in pent-up COVID demand as strong demand for long-haul international travel this summer has compressed demand for short-haul travel,” said Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue Airways.

However, this situation is not necessarily bad as many places and tourist attractions that have seen a surge of interest during the pandemic have struggled to control visitor numbers, especially for outdoor activities such as camping. In some cases, communities have curbed destination marketing or voted to spend bed tax money on local needs, such as affordable housing, to mitigate the tourist havoc.

According to Medler, normalization is a good thing, and the boost from the trend of remote working and investment in

campground Wi-Fi is enabling more travel across the United States.

The solar eclipse is just around the corner on April 8, 2024 and may attract more interest as it attracted much more interest in 2017.

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